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The 5th Contest of an Illustration of a Honeybee


The 5th Contest of an illustration of Honeybee organized by Yamada Bee farm
The Asahi Gakusei Shimbun Company

Honeybee is social creature like human connected to various plants and other creatures of nature. By paying attention to the relationship between human and honeybees and the environment, children will have a good chance to learn. The aim of this project is to have better understanding of importance of "natural environment", "assisting each other" and "life".

Theme of illustration:
Any theme will be welcome, as long as about Honeybees.
For example, “Flowers and honeybees”, “Honeybees in nature” or “Human and honeybees”

Category (age):
A: adults (18 and over) B: children (up to 17)

Size of illustration:
approx. A3 (30x40cm)

How to entry:
Fill out the entry sheet and paste it on the reverse side of the illustration. Illustrations should reach Yamada Bee Farm in Okayama by 30 June 2017.

Result announcement:
The end of October

Please click on pdf for application.