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What can you do to help?

How to get involved

Question: What do we need?
Answer: Energy!

Energy can also be in the form of money, and yes, we do need that. But energy in the form of skills and enthusiasm is beyond price. 

Future funders

Small amounts mean just as much as large ones. Here is an idea of what we can do.

R50        Buys a book to leave in a community library
R500      Buys ten books
R6000     Pays for a book toolbox

All donations will be acknowledged and branding may be arranged with larger donors.

Anyone who is interested in helping CBN to go forward should contact the Director, Lesley Beake, on:

How to donate funding:

 Bank account details:

Account Name: The Children's Book Network Trust

First National Bank: Tokai Branch

Branch number: 200409

Account Number: 625 70 830 458 (Cheque account)


Donations of Books

CBN has a book donation policy that we will give small quantities of carefully chosen books around specific themes. From experience, we have found that small and focused is more effective in the work we do. We will be raising funds consistently to pay for this. For other book donations, please contact us. If we can’t use the books, we will try to put you in touch with an organization that can.

Please spread the word!

Where you can really make a difference – without too much energy – is in telling other people what we are doing, either by sending a link or by talking about CBN. We in turn will pass on information or contacts to the organizations we are working with. The ultimate goal? To bring children to books and books to children!


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